How to play Fishing Yilufa Online Fish Table

Fishing Yifula, also known as shooting unicorn fish, is the latest game of summer 2020. Fishing Yilufa Online Fish Table? Join online fish table to update detailed instructions on how to play here.

What is Fishing Yilufa?

Fishing Yilufa new game of online fish table game, The Fishing Yilufa game also has a similar gameplay to other money-making fish shooting games. However, with the advantage of many free features. In addition to the equipment with many great value items, the Fishing Yilufa game is well received by many members.

Advantages of Fishing Yilufa?

No need to shoot the unicorn, there is still money: instead of the previous fish shooting games, once you hit the last beam, you get a bonus of x1000. But if you don't shoot, it's considered that you have lost both bullets and work. With Fishing Yilufa, if you don't hit the unicorn, you still get a bonus x100.

The autopilot function and the target lock function are free to use.

Super ammo: there is an extra super bullet feature in the game that makes it easy to win when meeting big fish.

Free trial play: the game offers you a free trial function. You can join the practice anytime and anywhere.

Instructions to play Fishing Yilufa online fish table

To join the game Fishing Yilufa for money, you first need to choose the door to join. There are 3 doors for you to choose from easy or medium to difficult. Next you need to deposit money and bet on the door you just selected.

When entering the game table, you aim the gun directly at the fish you want to shoot. Usually fish will swim in groups and according to its type. You should choose a group of fish that swim in large numbers to save more bullets.

According to the rules of shooting fish, small fish easily eat points, large fish consume a lot of bullets. So as soon as you enter the table, you should not immediately aim for the big fish to avoid losing bullets.

Especially in this game that does not require you to shoot unicorns but still has a big bonus. That is, you don't need to end up targeting the Dancing Lion. Thus, you do not need to accumulate ammo during the game.

Fishing Yilufa Game Rules

This is a multiplayer fishing game and each bullet the player shoots will depend on the direction of the cannon.

When the bullet hits the edge of the game interface, it will bounce until the bullet hits any fish and determines the game outcome.

Each player has a maximum of 10 bullets in the game. Each bullet can have different bets. Adjusting the cannon will not change the bullets that have been fired.

Awards in Fishing Yilufa

Fortune YiluFa

If you catch Fortune YiluFa in the game, it will trigger Fortune YiluFa and get 5 click chances. Click the yellow YiluFa on the screen and the blue YiluFa, green YiluFa, red YiluFa will appear randomly.

Every time the game is over, there is a high chance that Good Luck Arrive will betray and you can get 1 - 3 more changes when clicking.

Fortune Yilufa online fish table

Green Yilufa: bet 3 timesGreen Yilufa: Bet 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X, 35XRed Yilufa: the current accumulated points of green Yilufa with blue Yilufa, red Yilufa

Golden Wheel of Wealth

During the game, catch the Golden Wheel of Wealth to activate the golden wheel of wealth. Select 1 text location for a chance to win a wheel upgrade or mystery expansion.

Golden Wheel of Wealth rewards will include 18X, 28X, 58x, and 88X, rewards.

Wheel upgrade: after the player chooses this slot, the reward multiplier will be upgraded later.

Lucky Double: Upgraded multiplier bonus to 36X, 56X, 116X, 176X.

Dancing Lion

If you catch the Dancing Lion in the game, you can get a bet of 100X – 300X and have a chance to win a Fortune Arrives item

Fortune Arrives

If you catch Ultra bazooka or lion jump in the game, you will have a chance to get items.

When you get it, you get the firing status of Fortune Arires, which will increase the ammo you use until it runs out of fire.

HeadiSuper bazookang

If you catch Ultra bazooka in game you can get 5x bet, 50x ammo for free and chance to win item.

Note when playing Fishing Yilufa online fish game

If the game is disconnected, the system will automatically click to the right yellow YiluFa until the bonus game is over.

If the game disconnects, the gun placed at the leftmost position will be automatically selected for the player.

Make sure your network connection is stable so that the game is not interrupted. 


Fishing Yilufa at is easy to play and has great prizes. Register as a member of today for a chance to receive great rewards from online fish table Fishing Yilufa!

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